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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ok I know I still owe you guys the Kpop countdown post but trust me, life's been really hectic. I'll get to it as soon as I can.

So here's a Q4R post! Just for the heck of it.

Ok so it's not so much a Q4R post but more like a... well, post.

Well, geng's taking the DBSK path, you also think hes a greedy bastard?

So I think exactly the day after I posted the DBSK rant post (for the third time), Hankyung of Suju (whom I've openly expressed my undying love for in another post) decided to take the same actions as the greedy ones of DBSK.


I swear, my reaction that day was "FUCK NO. NO. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. SOMEONE IN KPOP HATES ME TOO."

It's like the whole asian media hates me or something.

For the record, he demanded a solo career, not larger profit margins. So he's a self-serving bastard, not a greedy one. But he's still hot so... *Whistles awkwardly*

And one of my favorite readers, Frash, came forth with this argument:

mk, with the whole geng breakout,
I want to... -something in me triggered. anyway, Ill give it a shot.

The example you used in that blog was heaven and earth, yes? Well let's use another example: Marriage.
Man meet woman, they fall deeply in love. It seemed that the man had a lot to offer, very nice, very sweet, and someone she'd want to spend the rest of her life with.
They get married, girl's happy and all. But then, the man starts to get abusive. The woman is put into all these bad situations, should she not be able to say she wants a divorce? Should they not be allowed to have a divorce? What? Because she accepted the ring, signed the contact -she should stick with it? Should she have better read the terms before she signed? I mean really? In my family history, there have been divorces, and I'm kind of glad they happened. I know I wouldnt want my relatives to be put in such situations.

Now looking and DBSK/geng's issue, why can't they want out? Why do they have to stay in such an unhappy place, where they are obviously overworked? And because of this lack of rest (or as you say 'blablabla') didnt that cause geng to have gastritis and kidney illness. Yes, SME trained them, and pretty much 'made them what they are', but I really dont think that's an excuse for making a contract with such... shallow and shady terms. Could they not make PROPER terms? I'm not a fan of the human puppet idea. And for such a long period of time too.

And sure you can say that "there's so much more to the story" than expressed in my example, just like how I could do the same to yours, but not every things black and white, right?

We obviously dont have the full facts both situations, and you kinda are "DBSK IS GREEDY UNTIL IM PROVEN DIFFERENTLY" Just like how I have am "SME IS EVIL AND HORRIBLE UNTIL I AM PROVEN DIFFERENTLY". So, I suppose I'll just agree to disagree, possibly shake hands, get drunk, and pass out while watching old horror movies together.

idk, but opinions are just opinions until facts start to pour out. There's really no point in ding the whole "IM RIGHT YOUR NOT, NANEENANEEBOOBOO."

Well let's see why the husband and wife thing doesn't stand.

Let's say the benefit a wife gets from the husband due to signing this contract is called "love". And let's assume love is measurable, just to make it easier for everyone.

A wife usually goes out of the marriage due to lessening love than was "promised" initially. So assuming the husband gave her 60 points of love initially, which eventually lessened to say 10 points of love (hence the abuse), it is thus fair for her to want out since she didn't get what she agreed to in the first place (60 points).

However, in DBSK's case, they agreed to let's say, 1% of the overall sales. That was, however, ALL they agreed to. Did they mutually agree to give DBSK a good life while doing it? No. Did they agree to renegotiate the contract when they become famous? No. Did they give them what they agreed to (assumingly 1% profits) in the first place, EVEN IF it is very very little and unfair?


How can we allow DBSK out of this contract then?

I may not have all the facts, but judging from what we've seen, we know what DBSK is making noise about: UNFAIR CONTRACT TERMS.

Are they making noise about SM not giving them money? No. SM still gave them their money (initial agreement) even if it is an unfair amount. Which were terms which should have been cleared during the signing, not now when they are famous.

A comment from another reader further proved my point:

What is fair pay if SM entertainment MADE DBSK who they are today?
- Let’s see~ Without SME, there’s no DBSK and without DBSK, SME may not be what it is today. But I think SME can do something about it.


Without SME, there would be NO DBSK. (Certainly.)
Without DBSK, SME may not be what it is today. (Not for certain.)

Who do you think is more important now? Why should the more important party entertain the needs of the less important?

I'll admit that the whole Hankyung issue has made me lose a little love for him, since self-serving is hardly an attractive trait to me. I like them long-suffering, which was what Hankyung stood for before.


Anyways, I shall just say once and for all that I will really not address this issue anymore. Even if someone comes up with a earth-shattering, unfailing logic to counter my points. I'm too sick and tired and at this point, can't be bothered with what happens to any of them. They can sue each other and have all their money transferred to their respective lawyers for all I damned care.

Um, happy new year? LOL.

(And god damn that photo of him is so smoking hot GUH SOMEONE GET HIM TO ME IN SINGAPORE PREASE.)

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