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Thursday, October 25, 2007

How it all started: I was chatting with my friend Angelia about my Jpop purchases again when she asked, "How much exactly have you bought so far?". I then realized that I really had no idea whatsoever, and somehow a "purchase diary" would have really helped at the time. So if you took a look at the very first post of the blog, you would realize it was a post about my latest purchases at the time. So the blog was started on the 1st of November 2007, and the longest "dry period" for my blog thus far is 18 days. I must say, I do love blogging a bit too much.

How it became what it was: I started screencapping PVs (for whatever reason I cannot remember) and commenting randomly on them. Soon, the comments became snarkier, bitchier, meaner and were not only restricted to PVs but everything related to Jpop.

Much of this blog's initial readership came from International Wota, from their recommendations of my earlier posts even though in retrospect, those posts were none too good. The post that eventually made this blog well-known for its overdose of snark was the post about Music Station fashion Disasters for 2007. Since then, my blog has had its fair share of supportive readers and flamers. Being the attention whore I am, I decided to continue on the path of insults and nasty comments. Whether it has worked, I'm still not too sure.

How the blog's name came about: I was looking for "cool names", the kind of poserish names that you would see on people's Instant Messaging nicknames and email addresses and such. Here's a couple of names I've used online:

freshacidrush (I think one of the color schemes for the profiles on [pretty similar to Myspace] is called "Acid Rush" and I kind of liked the word "fresh" too, hence the name. It's still my
Which is pretty much who I am too, none too serious and just a little bit dirty.
primary email address though. I should really change it.)
freakcarnival (Because at the time, I was being all emo thinking my life is just an endless circus freak show and blablabla. Everyone goes through that phase. Right? It's not just me right? OMGAH I'M A FREAK.... ahem.)

Eventually I got sick of that emo name, and I was thinking of a new name for my then personal blog. Eventually I came up with Raid My Minibar, because it doesn't sound all too serious yet has kind of a dirty connotation to it (heh) and I just liked the sound of it. Which is pretty much who I am too, none too serious and just a little bit dirty. *Cough cough*

Somehow or another, people started to shorten my username "raidmyminibar" on the A'dAA forums to simply Raid, and I've been using that online alias till this day. Which is much better than Kuroharu at least, an online alias I had for myself for.... oh, I don't know. 3 hours? Kimitsu is still poking fun at me till this day about it. ("WHAT KIND OF NAME IS KUROHARU!")

The kind of guy Raid is: I just felt weird referring to myself in the third person. Eeesh.

I'm very aloof to certain people.
In any case, I'm just an ordinary guy residing in sunny (read: HOT AS HELL) Singapore. I buy way too much Jpop for my own good and it has incorporated itself into my life much more than I'd like to admit. I was born in 1990 of Japanese and Chinese heritage. I kind of like both my heritages, I'm a dork that way.

If you've bothered to read this post, then you should know I am a mean guy, with vicious comments. I do care what people think of me, but more often than not, I'm too lazy to act on these "suggestions". This results in me seeming to be aloof, disregarding and an asshole. I'd like to think I'm not any of those. Except maybe aloof. I'm very aloof to certain people.

Bah! Okay okay I'll admit it! I'd like people to think I'm a mean guy. But I'm a guy who loves cotton candy, swings and ponies. *nods innocently* And feathers! Who doesn't love feathers!

Raid likes: Shopping for all things Jpop / Kpop and listening to Jpop / Kpop. I especially like AAA, Hirai Ken, Tackey & Tsubasa, Koda Kumi, Kanjani 8, Hey! Say! JUMP, Arashi, EXILE, Tegomasu, AKB48, SNSD and most of all, Big Bang. I also like watching Japanese dramas, with my favorite actors being Mukai Osamu and Ikuta Toma.

I like all things smart or witty - blogs, shows, books, people... As long as they are either very smart or very witty, I'll like them.

Inspired by: My blogging style is inspired by 3 main bloggers.
Xiaxue of for her snarkiness and bitchiness.
Nere of for her fangirling.
And though I hate to admit it, Kimitsu of minnaSTAR for her smart and witty comments.

Posts are usually about: Everything under the Jpop sun. Reviews, comments, fanboying, screencaps, stories. Whatever you can think of, I just might have done it already.

Achievements: A really short list, but what the heck. I love to brag. And I'm shameless.
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And if you've read till this point, I think you're a sexy, smart individual who is amazing in bed. And you smell good too. xD

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