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AAA's Mirage debuts at #1
Wednesday, January 9, 2008

But don't celebrate too soon.

Many fans would welcome this particular piece of news, thinking that it's been far too long a wait till AAA gets their first #1 single. Well, now they have, and it's still none too impressive.

The points for AAA's release was 5379. Most people agree that you should multiply this number by 1.75 to get a better estimate as to how much the single really sold.

Let's be optimistic here, and multiply it by 2.


Seriously? That's all it took to be number 1?

Let's take a look at the competition shall we?

#2 - Sugimoto Masato - 吾亦紅 (Released 21st February 2007)

An Enka single released LAST YEAR is number 2. Wow. I am so impressed that AAA beat this Enka singer, whoever he is.

Soooo impressed. I'm sure you can tell.

Their only real competition was RAG FAIR, whom we haven't heard from in only, oh, 21897 days? Who's really counting.

I mean, real fierce competition there. RAG FAIR sold close to 3000 copies! Oh no! AAA is being threatened!

See why I am SOOOO impressed with AAA's number 1 now?

Don't be too happy my fellow AAA fans, this is just a smart manipulation of release dates on Avex's part.


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