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Who would you marry, based purely on voice?
Monday, April 14, 2008

It's no secret that my favorite Japanese singer is Hirai Ken, but does that mean he's top in my books for looks/singing? Or was it just some evil combination that renders me helpless to his charms. In any case, here I am to find out the real truth!

[Who would I marry based purely on VOICE?] (Choose up to 3)

Seeing as how I'm more in favor of the male voice, it's hardly any surprise how the results turned out. Except maybe about who got 1st place.

3rd place: Ayaka

Ayaka is one unbelievable girl. Her voice demands attention and sounds just sweet enough too. She sounds sexy without being erotic (much unlike a certain Kuu xD) which is a quality I think few singers can handle. Her voice is clear and is not husky at all, which is a huge factor for me in female voices. Yet somehow, she has that special acoustic-ness in her voice that makes her voice so much more appealing. She's the kind that will bring tears to people's eyes during concerts without fail. The kind of voice I really love.

However her speaking voice scares me a little. She sounds like a teenage JE boy. Maybe that isn't such a bad thing after all.... *slaps self*

Pity about the songs though. I could do with some less emo tracks from her.

2nd place: surprise! Hirai Ken


... Ahem. Kenken's still number one in my heart, but honestly, if I were to listen to only ONE voice for the rest of my life, it has got to be sexier than this. Ken's voice is impressive, emotional, very unconventional and very.... feminine. He does jazz well, and jazz is a really sexy genre. One that old people (sigh) can do without looking silly and sad. His high voice sounds mysteriously unisex (I think this is the wrong term, but oh well), yet his low notes reverberate in manly goodness. How can you resist that?

Not to mention how his speaking voice is the kind that I can listen to for hours. It's cheerful and bright with a touch of commanding for that overall lovable package.

(I am so being biased here.) (Psst, isn't Ken so ADORKABLE in that picture?)

1st place: Alex from Clazziquai Project

A guy I wish with ALL MY HEART would just convert to Jpop like some of his Kpop counterparts (SE7EN, DBSK, BoA to name a few). Have you EVER heard his voice? If not, you MUST. His voice is pure SEX. (Try You never Know to see what I mean) Low, powerful, and tingling for all the naughty reasons, he's the kind most people would fall in love with on first listen. His voice is power-charged for all sorts of emotions, and he does every single one well too.

And I was thinking his speaking voice would be boring and droning like a doctor's but NOOOOO. It has that same level of huskiness which makes for very bad thoughts, no matter what he says. Like he could be a waiter saying "Can I take your order?" and somehow you'd be compelled to pick out dominatrix outfits.

And yes, I just had to post that picture of him. I know you girls love eyecandy. =D

That said, I'd love to see some other bloggers' own views on the matter. Specifically Kimitsu, Vee, Pengie, broomhead, Ray, Celestia and wu-san. Who would you guys marry based purely on voice?

[Edit on 15th April]

I've gone out and collected the results of the various singers/personalities mentioned in response to my question. Here they are in no particular order.


Uno Misako / AAA (Nao)
Utada Hikaru (Jim)
Yoshizawa Hitomi / Ongaku Gatas (Jim)
Fujimoto Miki (Celestia)
Amuro Namie (Ray)
Takewa Haruna / SweetS (Ray)
Tanaka Reina / Morning Musume (CJ)
Bonnie Pink (Broomhead)
Koharu Kusumi (Broomhead)
Nakamura Yuri / Garnet Crow (Vee)
Matsuura Aya (maiZe)

[Jpop MALE]

Tegoshi Yuya / NEWS + Tegomasu (Nao)
Koyama Keiichiro / NEWS (Nao)
Akanishi Jin / KAT-TUN (Celestia)
Takumi Saitou (Vee)
Kato Kazuki (Vee)
Date Kouji (Vee)
Matsumoto Sou / GOING UNDER GROUND (Broomhead)


Seo Taiji (Kpop) (Jim)
Queen Latifah (CJ)
Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins / TLC (CJ)
Harrison Ford (Celestia)
Orson Welles (Broomhead)
Randy Savage (Broomhead)
Taylor Hanson / Hanson (maiZe)
Lea Salonga (maiZe)

When it comes to Jpop, most people are looking for an extremely low and sexy voice or an insanely cute one. When it comes to the "Others" however, the whole thing just gets messy. xD

Let me know if you've replied and I've not placed your artistes on this list.

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