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Dong Bang Shin Ki are STILL a bunch of greedy asses
Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Those people who disagree with me in my previous DBSK post?

Well, you've not given me enough reasons to think that this whole injunction business is justified.

So unless you can answer the following questions (which so many of you conveniently ignored) with an intelligence that isn't semi fangirl-retarded, please don't bother trying to comment on this post.

The questions you have to answer are:

  • If a 13 year contract is really so unreasonable, why sign it in the first place?
  • Define getting paid fairly, considering SM Entertainment was the one who worked so hard in the first place to make them "worthy" of what fans deem to receive "appropriate pay". Without SM, DBSK would have been NOTHING. This whole affair would have not even been around.
  • If their schedules are really SO terrible, why aren't Yunho and Changmin complaining? And Yunho and Changmin are venturing into ACTING too, doesn't this make things worse? If their schedules are really SO terrible, where did they go find time to find out about this weird cosmetics company that they intend to invest in?
And BEFORE you go on to click "Leave a comment" and type a hate comment to me about how insensitive I am, here are a few points you might want to consider.

[They signed the contract while they were still young.]

I won't bother doing too much research so let's just take one member as an example.

Junsu debuted in 2003. He was 17 then.

He waited for 6 years before he could debut, that is to say he trained for 6 years before he could debut.

He was 11 then.

Signing a 13 year contract at 11 means the contract ends when he's 24.

Which is next year, in 2010.


So that means, he did NOT sign it during his trainee days, he signed it BEFORE HIS DEBUT, when he was 17.

He was UNDERAGE when he signed the contract. So, here's some legal stuff for you to consider.

Legally, minors generally cannot form a binding contract. Courts consider a person under the age of majority (in Suoth Korea's case, it's 20 years old) to lack the capacity to enter into a binding contract.

So a minor who signs a contract but later wants out of it -- to spend more time working for world peace or to recover from a nasty nose piercing operation, for example -- can often legally do so. To avoid this, the contractor has the minor's parent or guardian sign the agreement on behalf of the minor.

A smart company like SM would definitely do this wouldn't you think? Get the parent to sign to cover their asses?

So is the whole "young and stupid" argument that SO MANY of you brought up still valid?

Was the parent "young and stupid" too? And if really so, WHY SHOULD SM BE BLAMED FOR THEIR PARENTS' FOLLY?

Unless you can give me a good answer to this, don't even try using this argument again.

[If DBSK weren't DBSK...]

Let's take this into a whole different context to let everyone be objective about this.

Let's say you take a job with the government, which promises you really great benefits - medical coverage, hefty retirement fund and the usual good stuff. However, they want you to sign the contract when you're 18 (or just out of school) for 10 years.

And after you sign this contract (or have a parent sign it for you), you go into the job realizing that while what they agreed to give you was true (and properly given), the job required so much work and puts you in so much stress that the whole affair just doesn't seem worth it.

WHO IS AT FAULT NOW? You for not getting your facts right and being "young and stupid", or the government for not telling you how stressful the job is going to be?

And if you're going to fault the government, you'd better have a good argument to back it up.


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