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Dong Bang Shin Ki are a bunch of greedy asses
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well, 3 of them at least.

Here's a 30 second summary of what has happened: Yoochun, Jaejoong and Junsu of DBSK are filing an injunction against their management / talent company, SM Entertainment, because they think that their 13 year contract is too long and that they're not getting paid fairly for their work.

They also mentioned stuff like being overworked and typical boring idol gripes.

So before we move on, all you mental DBSK fangirls (and those fanboys) please go away (non-mental ones can stay). If you can't be realistic about this matter, don't read this post.

[Are they getting paid too little?]

The details are really sketchy regarding how much DBSK is getting in terms of pay. SM Entertainment just released a statement saying that over the last 5 years, DBSK has made roughly 40.28 million USD for the company. And remember that this excludes endorsements and shoots and all that other stuff.

We take away 18 million from this figure because SM needs to pay for expenses on them. That leaves us with 22 million.

Let's just take the most extreme figure, the most favorable one for DBSK. Let's just say they split these profits 1:9 with SM Entertainment taking 90% of the profits.

That leaves us with 2.2 million USD.

Split that by 5 members, we have 440,000 USD.

Over five years, that's 88000 USD per year per member. Which equates to about 7300 USD per month.

How many of you earn 7300 USD or more a month? How many of you have parents which do?

Let's face it, 7300 USD a month in pay is something many of us wish we had but we don't. And here they're complaining that they don't have enough?

And best of all, these people have NOTHING to pay for. Food is taken care of by their company, as are utilities, rent, medical fees, travel, clothing and perhaps the occasional luxury item.

That's 7300 USD lying around monthly for you to spend on ANYTHING you want.

Is that STILL too little?

And this is taking the most extreme figure too. To get a closer figure, we'd have to look at what both sides are saying.

SM Entertainment released a statement saying the profits were split 40:60, with DBSK taking 40%.

Now if you were DBSK, and knew that you were getting say, 20% of the profits, you would come out and say "hell, no, we're getting way less than what they claimed".

But instead, what do they say?

"The calculations of the profits are too vague. We cannot trust it."

You know what else is too vague? Your fucking statement is what's too vague. Doesn't this sound like a flimsy excuse?

Child: I cleaned my room and did my homework and ate my vegetables and STILL my mom doesn't let me play outside!
Mother: *shows messy room, unfinished homework and plate of uneaten vegetables*
Child: ... Her standards are too high, we cannot trust her.

*slams head against table repeatedly*

But of course, SM Entertainment might be trying to downplay the figures too by making it seem they took a smaller cut of the profits. So let's buffer these figures a bit and say, DBSK took 25% while SM Entertainment took 75%.

That equates to each DBSK member getting 18300 USD per month.


Is that STILL too little? Do they need money to stuff down their underwear to make themselves look bigger? Well, they really should, whiny bunch of girly giants.

I rest my case.

(And if SM is telling the truth, it equates to roughly 29000 USD a month in pay for each member. 29000! That's DEFINITELY not little.)

And even if they are getting a 10:90 split, they AGREED to it in the first place by signing that contract. Which brings me to my next point...

[Isn't a 13-year contract unreasonable? They're so tired and overworked!]

You know, if it really were THAT unreasonable, why sign it in the first place?

And it's not as if they didn't know it was going to be tough being an artiste anyways. Every artiste in the indsutry bemoans this fact whenever they have the chance to so that they can gain sympathy from the fans.

And somehow, ALL THESE artistes talking DIDN'T reach them? Are they like, locked up on some secret island?

Did someone FORCE them to sign these contracts?

The simple fact of the matter is that they've made their own beds, and they should just lie in it. Whining about it AFTER they've decided their fates is just childish.

And! It's not like the bed is a terrible bed either! Fame, fortune, loads of girls (and the odd guy or two) offering themselves willingly to you, what's so bad about that life?

(And don't even try to bring "lack of privacy" into this. Even a kid should know that being famous would lead to you having no privacy. And you become an artiste to become famous, because no one wants to be a struggling artiste.)

[Why else shouldn't they file an injunction against SM?]

Well, for one, it's bloody ungrateful. See, SM Entertainment were the ones who made them who they are today. Had they not "tortured" them with their insane training and such, gave them inhumane schedules and promoted them like mad, do you think DBSK would be well-known enough for anyone to care about this issue today?

Do not bite the hand that feeds you, we've all heard this saying at one point of our life or another. But not only are they biting this hand, they're claiming this hand fed them too little. How's that for being bloody ungrateful?

Perhaps DBSK is really being treated very badly (in which case, I ask, why can Yunho and Changmin tolerate it and not them?), perhaps a 13-year contract is unreasonable (why sign it in the first place then?), perhaps they are getting paid unfairly (define fair, considering SM were the ones who made them who they are today), but whatever it is, THEY GOT THEMSELVES INTO THIS SITUATION IN THE FIRST PLACE. Nobody forced them to sign any papers. Perhaps yes, SM DID take advantage of them, but SM definitely couldn't have FORCED them.

Be a man, face up to what you do. Stop all this legal whining, so many others are having it way worse than you guys are. Irritating.


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