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AIDS Charity Project - RED RIBBON Spiritual Song ~long title here~ (PV)
Monday, December 3, 2007

If you've been slightly aware of the J-pop scene, you'll definitely know about this AIDS Charity project single that has come out.

Basically, a single with a REALLY LOOOOOOONG NAME has been released for charity and many big names have come together to make this one happen. Artistes such as ayaka, some people from GLAY, a guy each from Mr. Children, Ketsumeishi and Shonannokaze and Kazumasa Oda. Pretty impressive line-up, and I'm pretty sure I left out a few.

But I'm not here to review the single, I'm here to review the PV, which is nice really, if it didn't confuse me to no end.

The PV starts off with two adorable babies looking clueless and adorable just as babies are, and very suddenly, they grow up. Into two kids with rather odd clothes. Especially the girl! What is with the hair?! She needs to stop playing with her mother's wigs, like seriously. Anyways, these kids basically skip around happily like kids in television always do. Pretty laughable really, considering real life kids around me NEVER skip around. Either that or they hide pretty good. Why do television kids always skip around, is it the camera or something?

Stereotypical behaviour aside, the shots for this video in various scenes are really beautiful. The old town charm of the whole video makes for a really heartwarming feel. That is, if it didn't confuse me to no end.

So they grow and grow and grow (pretty ironic and funny considering this video is anti-AIDS... ok, so it's just me and my dirty mind), until they become teenagers (or so I assume). This part starts getting confusing, as the guy and the girl suddenly gets pulled away by a bunch of unknown hippie-looking people. Then, they come back in their underwear and stare at each other.

..... huh? Am I missing something here? Is this the part where they discover about the birds and the bees? Why are they staring at each other? When did they get dressed again? Where did the hippie people go? Who do they represent?

The PV proceeds to not answer any of my questions and proceed to continue to age the two main characters some more.

So grown-up green boy and pink girl walk for a bit, and doctors come out of nowhere to give them a blood test. Freaky. If someone came up to you in the street looking like a doctor, claiming to give you a blood test, should you really trust the guy? I mean, shouldn't the public be warned of this kind of things? Didn't some people get AIDS by getting poked by random strangers on the streets? I'm quite sure there are a few. Oh wait, those people might not have had doctor's clothings on when poking their victims, that must be it. I'm sorry, silly me.

So the blood test comes back, and the guy has AIDS. Told you you shouldn't trust strangers with needles. Needless to say, the guy's world comes crashing down and he starts screaming. The girl consoles him by crying too. Good girl she is.

Now here comes the REAL confusing part. The two of them - pause for dramatic effect - gets MARRIED! And have a BABY!

..... huh? Am I missing something here? Aren't AIDS-infected people not supposed to give birth (or even make the baby in the first place), because it might infect the other person and the baby? So I'm assuming the baby is infected? Right?

WRONG on all assumptions apparently. The baby grows up to be a nice healthy boy, who runs away from his parents. That ungrateful thing, didn't you know your parents nearly died for you!

Oh but NOOOOO. Not only did the parents NOT die, they lived to a ripe old age! A VERY ripe old age I might add. And then out of nowhere, many women carrying babies come out into this vast field and sing. The ripe old couple don't seem to hear them.

So kids, what have we learnt from this PV?
  1. Skip around because it makes you happy.
  2. Hippie people are bad.
  3. Strangers with needles on the streets who want to poke you are totally ok.
  4. If you have AIDS, jump into nearest puddle, preferably with a girl who cries.
  5. Having AIDS doesn't mean you cannot have sex and have kids.
  6. Don't worry about the kid, he will grow up healthy, AIDS-less, and run away from you.
  7. You will live and not die. You might go deaf though.
See why I am so confused now?

P.S: If you're an adorable kid reading this post, having AIDS is NOT OK and needles are bad, like really bad. Like closet monsters kind of bad, so stay away from them! And hippie people too, they're not too good too. Ok?

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