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Valentines' Day!
Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yay, it's V-day, so I've decided to post about the most lovey-dovey couple in J-entertainment just for the heck of it.

They are none other than.....

Tackey & Tsubasa!!!

So much love, sigh.

More specifically, I'm going to post about the time they went to Music Station to promote Samurai (2007.08.10). Which is really just one of the MANY incidents of love between the two.

Well actually, it's only Tackey who went on because Tsubasa had some musical/concert thingo going on in Osaka. Nonetheless, thanks to awesome technology, they get to do a live video conference and Tsubasa comes up to say a few words.

Tamori: Tackey, have you been to Tsubasa's concert yet?
Tackey: Not yet this time around.
Tamori: How many more days will you be performing in Osaka?
Tsubasa: *ignores Tamori* Tackey will be coming tomorrow it seems.
Tackey: TOMORROW?!
Tsubasa: Yep. I'll be waiting for you to come over tomorrow.
Tackey: .... But I'll go. Definitely.
Tsubasa: Hai, I'll be waiting yo~
Tamori: *persists* When will the Osaka performances be till?
Tsubasa: Osaka will be till the 26th.
Tamori: Ah, that'll be a while, it won't finish that quickly eh.
Tsubasa: Yes, there will be a few more days.
Tamori: Ah is that so.
Dou: Takizawa-san, have you been to Tsubasa's solo concert before?
Tackey: Yes, I have.
Dou: You have haven't you?
Tackey: We'll all go to each other's solo concerts.
Tamori: Are there any problems when you're sitting in the audience?
Tackey: Sodesune, Johnny-san always calls me to "YOU go onstage!", asking me to go onstage to show my face. Even if I'm there only as an audience, there will be times I will be asked to go onstage.
Tamori: Ah is that so?
Tackey: Yep, and then Tsubasa, all dressed up in his performance clothes will be standing with a un-star-like Tackey who's just wearing plain clothes. I felt defeated every single time.

KYAHHHHH! Aren't the two of them just so adorable together?

I love how Tsubasa totally ignores Tamori in the earlier part, only bothering about whether his dear Tackey is coming for his concert. And then, Tackey being caught off guard goes all "aSHitA~?!", which is just hilarious.

And then the killer moment comes. When Tackey says he'll definitely go, Tsubasa says with so much love "Matteruyo!". Aww, you boys.

Also, Tackey really should not be asked onstage, since his normal clothes look really.... gawdy. If you've watched Domoto Kyoudai and Zubari Iu Wa Yo, you'll know that he carries a golden (like shiny golden) handbag and wears slippers with TONS OF CRYSTALS embedded on them. Then again, that DOES look like a JE costume in itself doesn't it? Poor Tackey, all the JE-costume-wearing has rubbed off on him indefinitely.

Well, at least his (and his) wedding will be one heck of a fashion parade I guess.

And this just amused me:


Happy V-day to all of you!

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