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How do people find my blog?
Monday, August 11, 2008

I was wondering, surely SOME people must have found my blog through searching via google or something right? What do these people search on the search engines to find my blog? "Hirai Ken fan"? "AAA fan"? "I hate nissy and i want a blog that hates him too"?

Well none of the above it seems. Here are some of the recent ones. (I am not making ANY of these up. This is way too funny. All these were collected from 27th July 2008 till 11th August 2008.)

"Jpop Nasal"

Eh....? Well, I suppose my blog is the most nasal Jpop blog around, if that makes any sense. Than again, it doesn't.

"Shuta Sueyoshi Nude"

Whoever you are (I know you're from france xD), you should chat with me. We would make good friends.

"leah dizon so screwed jin akanishi"


And if she screwed Akajin, she's in for a lot of shit from the Jin fans. I do hope she did though! That'll be a ton of fun. Imagine the press! Imagine the apologies! Imagine the crazy suspensions from companies! The fan outrage/despair/glee!

That or they could both get married. Which would be boring. Meh. I now proclaim thee slut and sluttier. You may now suck the bride.

"ken hirai topless" & "hirai ken shirtless"

Another one. You two should chat with me too. xD

"ken hirai's boyfriend" & "hirai ken gay"

It's no longer a rumor. It's a given. HE IS GAY AND LOVING IT MUAHAHA.

(Don't take my word for it.)

"best bitchiest note ever", "The bitchiest thing you can ever do" & "bitchiest blog"

Funniest thing about this is, my blog was the first, first and fourth link that appeared on the search results page. I feel proud, I think. You can remove "best" from the first search and it still ranks my blog first. I HAVE FOUND MY NICHE.

BITCHBITCHBITCHWHINEWHINE. My readership is increasing already! This is AMAZING.

"Misako Uno sexy pictures"

It's official. My blog is the blog for all your Jpop porn needs!

"what does care jopo mean"

.... What? It sounds like something scary that you should not drink.

"tanaka roma gay"

Isn't that already a well known fact? You don't need a blog like mine to tell you that.

"minibar steal"

WHY DO YOU WANT TO STEAL A MINIBAR?! Are you that poor? And please don't steal MY minibar! Raid My Fridge/Wardrobe/Toilet/Kitchen/Box of embarrassing pictures/Pink bunnies just don't have the same ring to it.

"Shige's tight pants"


"yabu kota topless"

Raid My Minibar version 13: Serving up hot child porn. Oh wait, I already did that. Hmm.

"worst group in je kat-tun"

Congratulations. You have reached enlightenment.

"Yamapi Crotch"

Once again, the first site the appears on google when you search this. This is bad.

"tamori gay"

Oh my. That might explain why he is so chummy with Kenken....

"come into my dream vocal raid"


And then there are the various scandals - Takitsuba , AAA, Arashi, Koda Kumi, Ohno Satoshi etc etc. My blog is just so scandalous. It's a darn negative influence.

And then there are those that find my blog directly using my name, which makes me feel quite happy! But to my dismay, most of you think it is Raid My Mini Bar. If you've noticed, Mini and Bar are joined together. Like Raid My MINIBAR.

HA! I'm so anal.

And then there are those that think I have a Livejournal account and search for that. But I don't, so it's a wonder how you found me really.

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