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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There are just too many random questions about all facets of Jpop (and some of my very personal life, hmm) and so I just picked the ones I liked. LOL.

  • In the "Questions for Raid" button, is that you? Yes, this is a stupid question.
As I have mentioned previously, it's Murakami Shingo and Maruyama Ryuhei.
  • Why has Ito Hideaki never been featured in SQS? He's way hotter than all of the guys you've posted.
I'm sure it's pretty evident that my SQSes only feature stars in various states of undress. Ito Hideaki's shirtless pictures are reeeeally hard to find.
  • What's the difference between middle-aged women who are obsessed with JE Juniors and middle-aged men who are obsessed with Hello!Project Eggs?
Less sticky cleanups.
  • The next question came in the form of a picture.

"Tsk, trust Tegoshi to leave a job half done."

I am mildly amused that someone actually gave me this picture. xD I mean, DO I REALLY SEEM LIKE THAT KIND OF PERSON?

Don't answer that.
  • I want to ask you what were the worse hairstyles you've seen on the Jpop stars you like and/or talk about on...
How about just the worst one?

Yeah, well. Fail. I remember saying it looked like pubic hair. Very apt description. *nods*
  • What do you think about Kumis and Misonos new single "It's all Love"?

The first thing I thought was "Ha! trying to bank on your sister's popularity? Pathetic."

To me, I think the song is decent but the pairing is just plain disastrous. Misono is kind of more "in your face" with the heck-care attitude while Kumi is all cute and sexy at the same time. So when the two come together, somehow they try to accommodate each other and it's just... a flop.

Misono ends up repressing her loud attitude and Kumi tries far too hard to match Misono's attitude and the whole thing is just... sloppy? It might have been a huge effort on both of their parts, but because of how mismatched the others' personalities are for each other, they end up failing at being like the other and it turns out really sub-par.

Also, the song is just not good for lives. It's too rapid, too monotonous and just too flustered. I don't like it.
  • If you were to describe your relationship with JPop in one word, what would it be?
  • what kind of underwear do you wear? like boxers , boxerbriefs , brief , Tback etc.

Erm, boxers. I used to wear briefs but once I switched, there was not turning back. :D

Questions for me are always welcome! It can be about ANYTHING under the sun but please no repeated questions? D: It really makes it no fun for anyone. :D

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