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The Manly NEWS contest! :D
Friday, April 10, 2009

NEWS held a contest recently to see who was the manliest of them all! Let's see what happened!

Who do you think won? :O

By the way, I think I answered these questions with this post:
  • OMGAWW ! can you PLEASE PLEASE do more 'PV Snark's x)
    PLEASE !
    i love reviews 8)
  • I noticed that Koi no ABO is on your Youtube playist! That must mean that you've seen the PV and heard the song. What are your thoughts on the PV and song? (I like Shige and his face in the PV.)
So yay?

(And comments please, I think I'm losing my snark. I'm old and mellow now. Gross.)


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