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JE Countdown - Possibly the Biggest costume parade in all of Japan
Monday, January 14, 2008

Every year, on the 31st of December, everyone would await Kouhaku. Now, the fangirls await JE Countdown.

In my opinion, the JE countdown is just an excuse to show off all the boys in the worst ever clothes so that J. Kitagawa can snigger secretly at home. But that's just my opinion.

This post has possibly the most pictures I've EVER posted in one lone post, so beware. Not all of them are pretty. You know what I mean. xD

Also, this post is more picture-based than content-based, much due to the fact that JE's clothes are pretty much all the same, and I can't bitch about the same things all the time in one post. Makes me sound old.

For a more detailed post, you might want to try Kimitsu's. Hers is the best you can get, with awesome commentary too.

So here we go.

[Tackey & Tsubasa]

I'm starting off with Tackey & Tsubasa because their costumes aren't seriously BAD or just because I simply love them too much. xD

The opening costume was some shiny pink thing which looks good on Tackey (I mean, come on. Tackey can wear fishnet stockings and look good in them) (Btw, if you have a picture of him in fishnet stockings, please email it to me. xD) but consequently terrible on Tsubasa. Tsubasa looks like a skinny guy who stole his plus-sized girlfriend's Matrix costume. Big collar did nothing to help.

The performance costume is what I call high-end fashion... for flashers. Shiny pants idea from Hamasaki Ayumi and a weird brightly-colored coat finishes this whole look to ensure maximum screaming to your flashed victims. Retails at 59.99.

But Tackey & Tsubasa finishes well.

Still shiny, but one has to remember that they're on a concert stage, so that's pretty forgivable. At least both of them look well-proportioned in this one.

Or maybe it's because my brain totally fried after seeing this:

Tackey: Do you love me Tsubasa?
Of course I do, can't you feel my love for you?

You mean the thing poking my butt?

So much love. Sigh.

[Shuji to Akira to Akanishi to Ryo]

I'm not too sure what to say of these.... quilts they are wearing. All of their clothes look like leftovers of the other costumes all thrown together, then hoping for the best.

But perhaps I can never say it as well as Yamapi's jacket can.

The jacket tells the truth. No I did not photoshop that on. Go watch.

[Those born in the year of the Rat (24/36 year-olds)]

Not having watched previous JE countdowns, I'm not too sure if this is a yearly thing. Nonetheless they were in Yukatas, which of course made me very happy. Absolutely anybody can look good in a Yukata I'm telling you.

Nishikido Ryo, sigh. *swoons*

[KinKi Kids]

The white ensemble was not awful to look at, but was kind of boring. Nonetheless, the KinKi Kids turn up the Kinky factor by looking at each other so longingly.

So much love, sigh.



These red outfits belong NOWHERE. Nobody should be forced to wear such atrocities!

Strangely, Yamapi's the only one who looks normal in it. Says a lot about him. (In a bad way)

Here comes the power rangers! I'm not sure what inspired the stylists of NEWS to steal Kanjani 8's look (colors and all), but it sort of works for them. Kato could do without the sequins but Yamapi works well with sequins, because he's, well, Yamapi. Koyama looks like my grandma in formal wear. Tegoshi came late and stole Tsubasa's opening jacket, how lazy. Masuda looks cute and kiddy, while Ryo shows off his arms in this outfit that is too furry for my liking.

The JE 10 year medley outfit was passable I guess, with everyone looking silver and smart. Yamapi has a secret crossdressing fetish which is kinda disturbing (explains why he looks good in the first outfit).

[Hey! Say! JUMP]

White works well all the time I suppose, but minus all the feathers please. Just imagine how many birds JE killed in one concert. WWF would be very unhappy (not the wrestling federation, the other one).


V6 looks sharp and smart in their suits, that's the way the JE should dress! Could do without the huge flower-brooch thing but by now I'm already immune to all these.... shininess. Watching the JE countdown can do that to you.

And I eat my words. PINK SUITS?! Is it like some sort of trend? Though honestly, Okada Junichi can wear anything and still look good, and Morita Go is looking pretty mature too. More dead birds on collars.

By now you should roughly know what the costumes are like (seriously, all of them are similar, just differently colored), so I shan't comment much on these.


More skirts, more feathers, more sequins.

[Kanjani 8]

More flasher gear.

FEED THEM ALREADY! Ryuhei is so hungry that he has to print "Ma Po Dou Fu" (Mapo Tofu) on his outfit. I pity the guy.

[Ikuta Toma]

He looks older than he should.


Still insisting on the horrible stripes eh?

The red outfit wins worst outfit of the year. What IS that? Curtains + bedsheets + tatami mats?


TOKIO starts off well but ends on a horrible note. Nagase Tomoya reminds me of K-fed on a bad day.

To end this post, here's a good picture of some TOKIO member.

Totally forgot his name though. Shows how memorable he is.

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