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My pick!: Top 30 Songs of 2008
Saturday, January 3, 2009

I won't give long comments on ALL of them, because it'll be very boring and lengthy. But it's safe to assume that the song is either A, cracktastic or B, has a very impressionable melody.

Number 30: Tegomasu - Ai Ai Gasa

Tegomasu just continues to show off their singing prowess (as compared to the general JE population) with Ai Ai Gasa. As with most Tegomasu songs, it's a cheerful ballad and I can guarantee you that you will feel warm and fuzzy and blissful after listening to this one.

Number 29: SMAP - Kokoro no Puzzle Rhythm

Like hello? A male version of Perfume? What's not to want? SMAP collaborated with Perfume's producer to release this awesome song. If you like synthesized music but can't stand most Japanese female voices (as do I) then this is for you.

Number 28: Tanimura Nana - SEXY SENORITA

If the cover and title is not enough to make you want to listen to this song, then at least the boobies should help. GO. LISTEN. NOW.

Number 27: GLAY - Starless Night

Typical good GLAY stuff.

Number 26: Tackey & Tsubasa - Koiuta

As a Tackey & Tsubasa single, this was one of the weaker ones. But nonetheless, their style of music is so suitable for me that even their weak songs can make it on the top 30 in my opinion.

Number 25: SunSet Swish - Bye-bye

The B-side of the single PASSION, Bye-bye is surprisingly sentimental (sounding) and is a really good track to sing along to. SunSet Swish's lead vocal has a really high voice though, so be careful not to screech when trying to do a rendition of this song.

Number 24: Superfly - How do I survive?

Superfly has an awesome thick voice that is filled with power and attitude. Which is why this song worked for her. Any other Jpop artist would have fallen flat with this one. Doesn't sound really Jpop to be honest, but it's good nonetheless.

Number 23: Aladdin - Hi wa, Mata Noboru

I know many people frown upon Shuchishin and Pabo, but this song is too cute to resist. They sing about coffee, traffic lights, karaoke and cup noodles. Need I say more?

Number 22: Kanjani 8 - Musekinin Hero

Kanjani 8 never fails to disappoint, and this one is no exception. Very very catchy, it's the kind of track that sticks in your head and refuses to go away. Beware, you'll soon find yourself going JA JA JA JAAAAN too.

Number 21: Koda Kumi - Moon Crying

Koda Kumi's comeback track after the infamous amniotic fluid incident! Pretty much one of her safer genres, it's a sad love song that was produced specially to make those uptight old women of Japan cry along with her. I'm no uptight old woman, but the PV makes me want to cry too. BAWL. *Coughs* You guys do know I'm just kidding, right?


I love it when I slam a song and then find myself liking it immensely a few months after. This seems to be one of those songs. Things I have said about this song includes "pretty blah", "sounded like a bunch of drunken frat boys", "very melodic TV static" and "suitable for drunken karaoke screaming". I don't take any of those back though, but that doesn't mean I don't like it now. It's the kind of song that grows on you after a while I guess.

Number 19: Shimizu Shota - HOME

Sigh Shimizu Shota. Why did you have to go release such an awesome debut single then flop and flop and flop again thereafter? He's crashing faster than you can say "one hit wonder". Regardless! This song is impressive on many counts. The pitch is really high for a guy and the rap portion doesn't seem to have any breaks for breathing. In other words, he's good. Don't attempt to sing this song at all.

Number 18: Hey! Say! JUMP - Your Seed

I'll admit that I like this song partially because of the totally pedobait PV (ZOMGAH THE DANCE), but that doesn't mean this song isn't fun! The song is the kind that grows on you I suppose, so if you're going to try it out, give it time. You'll come to like it soon enough.

Number 17: Morning Musume - Resonant Blue

KURAI KURAI DON KURAI!!!! What's not to love? (Kamei is totally hot in the PV too. *dies*)

Number 16: Koda Kumi - TABOO

With such a sexually suggestive PV and such a hardcore beat, this song is catchy and great for dancing (or just bobbing your head around senselessly). Koda Kumi is in her element here, so you can be sure that it's a great song.

Number 15: Amuro Namie - NEW LOOK

I was first drawn to the insanely enthralling PV filled with dancing mannequins and hairstylists. Then I fell in love with the song. I don't really see the 60s-ness in this song, but I love it nonetheless. I guess it's just how different the song is compared to all the other songs we've been hearing this year that makes it so appealing to me.

Number 14: AAA - ZAPPER

Sueyoshi Shuta solo (alliteration baby!)!!! Well, I guess that should explain it all. I'm just biased that way. No but seriously, this is one of the stronger songs to come from AAA this year. Shuta just sweetens the deal for me. :D

Number 13: YUI - Summer Song

The light and refreshing acoustic pop number is YUI being her happiest this year. After tracks like Namidairo and Love & Truth, I thought the girl had begun to go down the emo road. Thankfully she hasn't, she's still cute as ever! This song is testament to that fact.

Number 12: EXILE - Manatsu no Kajitsu

Well, this song is a cover so I don't know whether it really counts or not. Nonetheless, I first heard the Chinese cover for it - by Jacky Cheung if you're wondering - LOOOONG LOOONG ago when I was a wee kid. So when I first heard this song while walking to school (that's really the one of the only times I listen to songs), I was suddenly hit with a strong bout of nostalgia. EXILE's vocals suit the song well, so I like their version best amongst all the versions I've heard.

Number 11: AAA - Love Candle

I swear I went BERSERK when I first heard of this song. The preview for the song came out and it was a DUET between URATA and SHUTA! ASDFGHJKL:" *keyboard slams*

Ahem. Anyways, Shuta's first main part in a song, and he does really well in my opinion. I pretty much fell in love with Shuta's voice all over again with this song. BAH I CAN'T EVEN BE COHERANT WHEN TALKING ABOUT THIS SONG! That's just how much I'm in love with it. I know for a fact that not many AAA fans like this song all that much, but I DON'T GIVE A DAMN. SHUTA X URATA, MINE MINE MINE RAWR!

Number 10: Namie Amuro - WHAT A FEELING

Yet another dance track from Namie makes the list. This is some seriously catchy stuff though! It has hints of synthesized music without the whiny voices that Perfume tends to display. It has an easy-to-follow chorus as well, which is great for screaming and all that. "OOOOOOOOOOOH! WHAT A FEELING WHAT A FEELING!" "Forth, forth and forth, forth and forth. Get on up!" Sort of Discoish though, so avoid this one if you hate that kind of music.

Number 9: AKB48 - Ohgoe Diamond

Most AKB48 songs are kind of hit-or-miss with me. But this song hit me so hard, I couldn't tell the difference between a JE boy and a Japanese girl! Oh wait, I still can't. It's just typical catchy bubblegum pop, which is my thing. If it's yours, you would like this as well.

Watch out H!P, AKB48's hot on your pretend-to-be-innocent asses.

Number 8: Hamasaki Ayumi - MY ALL


Apparently. This song was one of two songs that stood out to me in her GUILTY album, and I said it sounded like the power pop stuff that she used to do. It has a strong memorable melody and is pretty much what Ayumi does best. I swear I would still be liking the woman if she had stuck to doing music like this. But NOOOOO, she had to go do all that rubbish rock. Pfft.

Number 7: Hirai Ken - Twenty! Twenty! Twenty!

I remember Angelia rolling her eyes at me when I told her I liked this song so much. It is just SO CRACKTASTIC! AND GHEY! AND IT'S KEN! Sigh, the Kenken fandom is so amazing.

Number 6: Tohoshinki - Runaway

It's really rare that Tohoshinki would do anything as catchy as this (most of their other stuff bores me to bits). With a chorus that sticks stubbornly in your head and a constant chant of "TRY AGAIN TRY AGAIN", it's easy to see why I would like this song.

Number 5: Arashi - One Love

Arashi's pretty much had a really good year with both the #1 and 2 spot on the Oricon yearly charts for singles. I think this was the #2 single? It made a really lasting impression on me from the start with its really easy to follow melody and it's just so damned HUMMABLE! Would have ranked higher if MatsuJun didn't have a solo.

Number 4: Ikimono Gakari - Blue Bird


Seriously awesome for those days where you just want to shout at the top of your lungs legitimately (when you don't have a legitimate reason). I like ikimono gakari! All their songs are really really decent. *nods*

Number 3: Hirai Ken - UPSET

You can just imagine Kenken strutting around the stage in high heels when he sings this song (unfortunately not the case as seen in the DVD). With lines (that sound) like "HEY BITCH YOU'RE MAKING OUT WITH SOMEONE SCAMMING IN THE DARK!", this song is just unforgettable.

Number 2: AAA - MUSIC!!!

Possibly one of AAA's best since Get Chu!, this song is chirpy, happy and overly sparkly for anyone's good. Which is probably why I like it. I like songs that remind me of candy and stars and marshmallows. This is one of those songs.

Number 1: Milky Way - Anataboshi

Angelia screamed at me when she saw this song as number one. My friend claimed she nearly went blind from the brightness of this song's PV. Some other friend claimed it to be witch chants for children. Whatever it is, you can't deny that it is the BEST SONG EVAR. The beat is just SO TRIPPY and so rapid, and the lyrics are just so tongue-twistery that the whole affair just becomes glittery chaos! It's amazing!

But seriously, listen to this song non-stop for half an hour. You'll end up loving it too.

Other Honorable Mentions (non-Jpop)

Lady Gaga - Just Dance

I know it didn't come out in 2008 but still. HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LIKE THIS SONG?

Big Bang - Sunset Glow, WONDERFUL

All you silly Tohoshinki/Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tong Vfang Xien Qi/Your-mother's-nickname-for-them fans! SWITCH TO BIG BANG. They are much much MUCH more awesome (and kind of very much hotter than THSK too. Or any other Kpop band actually), you will not regret it.

If WONDERFUL was a Jpop song, it would have been my top song of 2007 AND 2008 combined. It is that epic. GO LISTEN.

I doubt anyone agrees with my list, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try all the songs out. They're mostly really epic songs. And I've tried as much as I can to make it not my-fav-idol-centric so you can have a wider variety of.... discovery! :D

I mean, it is kind of pointless if my number 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 and 6 song ALL comes from... I don't know, Perfume right? *Runs away from Perfume fans*

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