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To Hamasaki Ayumi - YOU! Leave ME alone!
Saturday, December 22, 2007

I initially wanted to blog about Together When..., but that PV was honestly quite good except for the DISASTROUS outfit. She looked like a flasher on Halloween dressing up as a painter, which is wrong on so many levels, I won't even go there. Other than that, the PV had a sort of solid storyline, and pretty scenes everywhere. Not too blog worthy however.

Then the PV for (don't) Leave me alone came out. And I thought to myself "BY GOD, she's finally got it right!"

She looked amazing here with her short bangs and (always) amazing makeup. The outfit had tons of potential too! Then...

*headtable* *headtable* *headtable* *headtable* *headtable* *headtable*


Is the seriously wearing CUFFS ONLY? Isn't that like so last year? (Think Namie Amuro in PLAY with her collar-only-ness.)

Let's not even talk about the cuffs, what about the HORRIFIC PANTS?! You can just imagine the exaggerative people on some pompous fashion show going "Oh. My. GAAAWDDD. What. Is. She. wearINGGGGGGGGG?!" like they always do. Why do they like to punctuate so much anyways. Like. Tell. Me. WHYYYY?!!! *coughs* Ok I'm digressing.

The pants would have been so much better if it were either mini shorts (just where the side opening ends) or as a normal pair of pants without the weak attempt at peek-a-boo-ing. Right now, it just looks like a very evil seamstress decided to screw up her costume and leave her to clean up the mess. Ayumi is forced to "work it", but seriously, NO ONE can work that. Unless that someone lives in the 70s of course, but we all know it is nearing the oh-eight already. Too bad for the 70s-living person, wake up and smell the inconvenient truth of plastic bags killing the earth and all that other green stuff.

And the came the silly details I should not even have bothered noticing. Her tie CHANGES COLOR! *gasp*

When a green dancer threatens Ayumi (or rather, flap her arms crazily at her), her tie turns green. When a pink and blue dancer comes to threaten her - surprise surprise - it turns pink and blue!

No prizes for guessing who turned her tie purple.

Is this all the almighty Ayumi can do? Change her tie color? How about a total costume change instead? That would have been far FAR more impressive. Tie changes only get applause in elementary school plays (or have the standards risen too?).

Other silly stuff in the PV includes Mr-scary-man-with-guitar (he shall haunt my nightmares forever), silly fight scenes (Ayumi would have died if they were for real) and ugly-as-hell dance moves (constipated much?).

All is not lost though. Ayumi looks pretty in quite a few scenes (those without the pants) and manages to strut around in a sort-of sexy manner. Add on to the fact that this song is one of her best in comparison to the past few releases (anything compared to Buddhist-chant-GUILTY is good), Ayumi is set to earn herself another best seller.

I would have bought this single (or is it an album?), but the reflection of myself in Ayumi's ass makes me look fat. How dare those pants!


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